Decustik acoustic panels

Perforated wood panels that absorb sound and reduce reverberation


Decustik acoustic panels are installed on walls and ceilings to reduce sound reflection and thus reduce reverberation, increasing the acoustic quality of any type of room.

Different drilling patterns provide the panels with different levels of absorption at different frequencies.

Made of wood, Decustik acoustic panels are durable and environmentally friendly. With a wide variety of finishes, measurements and mounting systems, they adapt to any type of space and style.

The main categories of our acoustic panels are slotted D + system , perforated PAP system , slotted PAR system , microperforated MICRO system and acoustic panels curved Decustik by Dukta

Case study

The following video is an example of how the installation of our acoustic panels in several classrooms has completely corrected the excess reverberation that made it difficult for the students to understand correctly