Decustik slatted panels

Slatted wooden panels that serve an acoustic and decorative function


Decustik slatted panels can be installed on ceilings and interior walls. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, they improve the room’s acoustic performance by reducing reverberation.

They are supplied as pre-assembled panels, in different standard sizes and with specific mounting systems for walls and ceilings. Depending on the mounting criteria as specified in our technical files, different sound absorption curves can be achieved.

Modular system for easy installation

The slatted panels are supplied as pre-assembled modules. By changing the accessories, the same type of panel can be installed on the walls as well as the ceiling. The panels come with pre-attached fibre that improves the sound absorption coefficient and conceals the rear part of the slatted panel.

Sound absorption

We test our panels in certified laboratories in order to confirm their sound absorption coefficients.


Produced as standard modules measuring 2400 x 600 and 1200 x 600 mm, our slatted panels are available in a wide variety of materials, finishes, sizes and slat spacing.


We can produce highly customised solutions tailored for particular projects.

Excellent fire resistance

Depending on the materials and finishes, we can supply these panels with a fire rating up to Class B, in accordance with the UNE-EN 13501 standard.


Slatted panels designed for easy mounting and long-lasting use

Modular system

Easy mounting

Sound absorption


Fire resistance


Materials and finishes

With our basic range of materials as the starting point, we can adapt the system in line with the specific requirements of your project.

Our basic product comprises fireproof PDF clad with a decorative oak veneer, finished in a variety of different shades. These materials offer the optimum combination of fire resistance, variety and cost.

The panels are also available with slats made from solid wood, such as fir, pine, oak and beech, for projects that require natural materials. In terms of different pricing options, we also offer melamine solutions with various designs; and with regard to lacquered finishes, we can provide all of the shades in the RAL and NCS colour charts.

Other materials and finishes are available upon request

Slatted models

Panel sizes

Decustik slatted panels are produced in two sizes: 2400 x 600 mm and 1200 x 600 mm. The same panel model can be mounted using screws, or by attaching plates to hang it from the ceiling.

The measurements of the standard slats are 31 x 35 mm, 20 x 60 mm, 20 x 90mm and 90 x 20 mm, with different quantities and spacing options available. Other sizes, configurations and materials can be supplied upon request.

Slat measurements

Panel models

Mounting on walls and false ceilings

The same type of panel can be mounted on walls and false ceilings, using the different anchoring solutions available

Mounting on the wall using screws and slats

The slatted panels can be screwed onto a wooden frame, which serves to both level the wall and improve sound absorption.

If you need to carry out a repair or install cabling, pipes, etc., the panels can easily be unscrewed and removed.

Mounting on the ceiling using a T60 system and screws

Additionally, all of the models can be mounted with screws beneath a frame of battened profiles affixed to the ceiling, e.g. T60 drywall-type profiles.

All of the mounting systems allow for easy disassembly in order to access preexisting installations located behind the panels

For more information on our slatted panels, please contact our sales department