dukta flexible panel

Acoustic and decorative panel in curved wood
Decustik by dukta

Description of the system

Decustik by dukta manufacturing system give the wood flexible properties and acoustic absorption. The studied incisions in the wooden panels convert them into flexible, acoustic and beautyful.

Materials and finishes

Several models are available for fast delivery. It is possible to apply this manufacturing technique to many types of wooden boards. Panels can be finished with different types of protective varnishes and oils.

Installation systems

The curved Decustik by dukta panels are installed on a structure, usually made of wood. The curved shapes of the structure are transferred to the panel. To facilitate the assembly we have several solutions and anchoring clips.

Download assembly instructions here.

View assembly instructions video here.


Curved Decustik by dukta panels can be installed on walls and ceilings, or used as a component for the manufacturing of all types of furniture, lamps or space separators. The studied mechanisation patterns give him flexibility, maintaining the stability in the sense of the fiber of the wood. The different machining models differ considerably in terms of theirappearance, from simple and soft patterns to more ornamental designs. The different models make it possible to use them in different types of environments.

The different types of incision: SONAR, LINAR, FOLI and JANUS differ in terms of the appearance of the cut, the proportion of open surfaces and flexibility of the panels.





Decustik by dukta

The partnership agreement between decustik and dukta aims to promote dukta curved panels both in the Spanish market and in other countries of the world, providing technical support to architects and engineers in solutions based on Dukta products.

About dukta

dukta gmbh is a product development and design office located in Zürich, Switzerland. Based on the internationally patented dukta incision process, we create new applications, interiors and products. Together with our selected and authorized manufacturers in different countries, dukta advises and supports architects, engineers and building owners through technical and design issues.
This versatile and patented mechanization process has its roots in wood bending tests initiated in 2007. Thanks to a CTI research project and several exhibitions and awards, the dukta system has become synonymous with flexible wood products throughout the world. Since 2015, products based on dukta processes are manufactured and marketed under license all over the world by specially qualified partners