Honext Acoustic Panels

Recycled cellulose panels with acoustic and decorative function

Honext is Environmentally Friendly

Honext panels are an interesting innovation for construction, made from highly sustainable materials.

These panels are manufactured from the waste generated during the recycling process of paper and cardboard. Properly treated and conditioned, they become panels with similar strength and behavior to low-density wood.

Honext is Ecological

The end result is highly sustainable panels that meet stringent requirements for emissions of harmful substances and can be fire-resistant, depending on the version.

Given the great potential of this material, DECUSTIK offers acoustic and decorative panels specifically designed to be made from Honext panels.


Honext® panels are certified to verify their environmental impact. They hold certifications and verifications for:

  • Environmental and Health Assessment
  • Environmental Product Declaration
  • Sustainability Standards
  • Material Properties Certificates

Honext is Upcycled

The upcycling process involves giving new life to materials that would otherwise become useless waste.

During the recycling process of paper and cardboard, short fiber cellulose residue is generated, which is not useful for recycling under normal conditions. This residue, in the form of sludge, is collected in wastewater treatment plants, and until now, its final destination was controlled landfills or incineration.

Honext has developed an innovative process to reuse this material, which, mixed with a percentage of recycled cardboard and natural enzymes, becomes panels again for use in construction.


No volatile organic compounds or formaldehyde.

Fire reaction class of the panel up to B-s1,d0 (depending on versions)

100% Recyclable. Cradle to Cradle & Material Health Silver.


Acoustic Models

Acoustic Islands

The acoustic islands adapt completely customized and versatile to the architecture and design of your environment.

They can be placed individually or in locations where a conventional suspended ceiling cannot be installed.

They are an ideal solution for environments where a noise elimination and acoustic comfort improvement system is needed without the need for construction work.

Available in different sizes: 2400x1200 / 1800x1200 / 1200x1200

Suspended Ceiling Panels

Allow the design of continuous ceilings with high acoustic performance and improvement of the environmental comfort. Installation system for suspended ceiling panels with visible T24 profile.

Available in different sizes: 600x600x12 / 1200x600x12

PAP018 Model Perforation

Both systems are based on our perforated acoustic panels PAP018, chosen for their great acoustic performance and taking into account the characteristics of the material.

Decorative Panels


Decorative panel with a texture in the form of square-section grooves.
Available dimensions: 2400x1200x12 / 2400x600x12 / 2400x300x12

Semicircular channels

Decorative panel with a texture in the form of semicircular-section channel.
Available dimensions: 2400x600x36

Material and Finishes


Honext® boards are made from 100% recycled cellulose fibers without the use of toxic adhesives. The thickness is 12 mm, and the dimensional tolerance of the raw board is +/- 0.5 mm. Honext® boards have differently textured surfaces due to the filtering meshes used to remove water during the manufacturing process (front surface and back surface). This allows us to have two different finishes on the same material. The raw material used in its manufacture is 100% waste mixture, and the color of Honext® boards varies slightly from a range of light beige to gray tones. The board may sometimes show patterns resembling water stains on its front surface. Newly manufactured boards and freshly cut pieces may have a smell of recycled paper.




We machine the panels with different grooves or perforations to manufacture acoustic and decorative solutions. We can also prepare the substructures for the walls and ceilings to facilitate installation on site. From the standard measurements of the panels, they can be cut and machined customized for each project.


Perforated PAP018



For Honext® boards, we offer several finishes. Firstly, we have the natural finish of the board, which offers a very pleasant appearance and texture. We can also provide a protective varnish that provides greater resistance and durability, and finally, we have colored finishes that add a distinctive touch to the material.

No finish
Irregular tonality

Honext finish
NCS S 3010-Y30R

Gray finish
NCS S 5000-N

Green Finish
NCS S 6020-B70G

Terracota finish
NCS S 6020-Y90R

Black finish
NCS S 8500-N

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