Decustik relief images, grouped by categories

Using different techniques and with different kind of materials we can create reliefs and images on flat panels. A creative resource that can be used in indoor design projects as well as outside design projects if we choose the suitable materials.

The four main techniques that we use to make these products are multi-layers, in which we superimpose tinted wood panels of different colors and machining the material at different depths we can obtain different desired effects. The techniques degrafik lines or dots, in which different shadows of a picture get converted to lines or dots of

variable width. Also the High and low relief engraving, in which the picture gets converted into a 3 dimensional surface.

To do this work we can receive your information in different 3D file formats or in images that we modify with a special software to convert shadows and all range of colors into relief images

Our Sales and technical departments are at your disposal in order to analyze all sort of possibilities that may suit your project requirements.

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