Acoustic slotted panels

with a classic and timeless style

PAR system description (Acoustic slotted Panel )

With slotted panels it is possible to achieve installations that meets high level of absorption and a high aesthetic level at an medium cost. With different sort of patterns and grooves width different levels of absorption and different aesthetic results can be obtained.


Acoustic correction. For walls and ceilings.


There are different sort of large dimension panels to be used on walls and not practicable continuous roofs, and standarized roof plates in versions of visible profiling, semi-hidden, hidden and practicable hidden.

Wall lining:

Panel plates are often used on mesures 2400x1200, 2400x600 and 1200x60mm. with 16mm of thickness.


it is more usual to use 12mm thick plates on standardized measures 1200x600, 1200x300 and 600x600, though other combinations are also possible.

Mounting Systems:

The different plates are available with different perimetral , depending on the type of desired assembly.

Materials and finishes:

The support material is always MDF fiberboard wood panels in standard or fireproof versions. Surface finishes can be raw, melamine, plywood, varnished or lacquered. Other options on request.

The plates may incorporate to the back and as an option, an acoustic veil to improve the sound absorbing qualities of the panel.

+ See standard finishings

PA R058

PA R058

SLOT:   60mm x diam.8
SPACING:  20x35mm

PA R068

PA R068

SLOT:   60mm x diam.8
SPACING:  40x35mm

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